Name of Owner(s): Avellina Charlery, Ines Celestin, Bernadine Evans, Eleutheria Jn Marie, Carmen Nurse
Registered Business Name: Micoud Chocolate Network Inc.
Phone Number: 1-758-286-9115
Email Address: micoudchocolatecompany@gmail.com

  1. What motivated you to start this business?
    Economic empowerment of women. A chocolate company from Trinidad taught a few women from Micoud how to manufacture and market chocolate.
  2. How long have you been in operation?
    Ten (10) months
  3. List the products/services you offer.
    – Dark chocolate bars 60%, 70% and 80%
    – Dark chocolate powdered tea (50% dark)
  4. Where can one find your product(s)/service(s)?
    Massy Stores, The Marketplace, Admac- Dark chocolate bars
    Anse Ger, Desruisseaux and Admac -Dark chocolate powdered tea
  5. Why should a customer/organization support your business? In other words, what makes your business a cut above the rest?