Name of Owner: Gilland Avril
Registered Business Name: Ngage
Phone Number: (758)287-2100
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  1. What motivated you to start this business?
    In 2018, we experimented with the idea of using proximity marketing and information sharing through the use of Near Field Communication (NFC). Though widely used in international countries, the smart phones used by most Saint Lucians did not have the feature. The technology would only be able to be used by persons with higher end smartphones limiting the number of potential users. In 2019, Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the leading growing technologies in the world and implementing it here in Saint Lucia seemed to be the best step forward from NFC. Anyone with a smartphone with a rear camera would be able to make use of the technology, allowing for persons to get digital content or information in a new and interactive way.
  2. How long have you been in operation?
    Ngage is still in its start-up phase and we are just eight (8) months in from idea  conceptualization to working with clients to launching the full service. PeekaBoo is currently in an app testing phase. We are testing the app with some small businesses, media content creators, and end users.
  3. List the products/services you offer.
    Ngage is currently making use of Augmented Reality (AR) by the use of an app we created called PeekaBoo. PeekaBoo places digital content (audio, video, pictures, 3D objects) onto the physical environment, live and in real time! We want persons to use their smartphones or tablets to scan business cards, tickets, posters, magazines, books and even clothing to see this digital content. The intent is to put this digital content all around us and have person access it at their choosing. We want to make the process of getting digital content easy and hassle free.
  4. Where can one find your product(s)/service(s)?
    We are currently meeting with potential clients at their offices for free consultations on how AR can help change the way users see digital content in their day to day life. We can also be contacted via email and telephone.
  5. Why should a customer/organization support your business? In other words, what makes your business a cut above the rest?
    Innovation trends significantly influence brand’s marketing strategy. Mobile devices have become a vital element of the sales and marketing process, especially in decision making. The Peekaboo app can create a new digital experience that enriches the relationship between consumer and brand and can be used in any location, at home on PC, or on mobile devices. Traditionally brands have relied on print advertising campaigns or digital media to promote products. The Peekaboo app can now bridge the divided past, print and digital media marketing efforts are merged into a comprehensive consumer experience via augmented reality.