Name of Owner(s): Zeleta Weeks
Registered Business Name: Promotions Plus
Phone Number: 1-758-519-0567
Email Address:
Facebook Link: @promoplus
Instagram Link: @znnovations 

  1. What motivated you to start this business?
    I saw the need to provide the service of custom made greeting cards, to allow persons to express themselves in a unique way. The market for creative design is growing, and so offering a personal touch to different products is also the vision I have for my business.
  2. How long have you been in operation?
    Approximately two (2) years
  3. List the products/services you offer?
    – Handmade greeting cards
    – Event invitations
    – Designed accessories e.g. corsages, hats and bags 
  4. Where can one find your product(s)/service(s)?
    At the Bay Walk Mall, Facebook, Instagram.
    – IG
    – FB
  5. Why should a customer/organization support your business? In other words, what makes your business a cut above the rest?
    My business is about creative vision. My style of design is very unique and unlike other products offered on the market. My products cannot be purchased anywhere else because it has my personal touch. If a customer wants to stand out from the rest, they would definitely come to promotions plus.