Name of Owner(s): Kayode James
Registered Business Name: Real 3D Printing
Phone Number: 1-758-519-8070
Email Address:
Facebook Link: r.3dprinting_758
Instagram Link: r.3dprinting_758

  1. What motivated you to start this business?
    I realized that there was a niche in the market for customization and replacement parts in Saint Lucia.
  2. How long have you been in operation?
    Over 2 years
  3. List the products/services you offer.
    – Keychains, cake toppers, cookie cutters, custom animal tags, replacement parts for boats and appliances.
    – To provide custom items at reasonable prices.
  4. Where can one find your product(s)/service(s)?
    Facebook, Instagram, Studio (Castries)
  5. Why should a customer/organization support your business? In other words, what makes your business a cut above the rest?
    We are the main 3D business in Saint Lucia that offers unique products. Customers are able to get one of kind products that are tailored to suit their specific needs, such as merchandizing.