ACR Wines

Bring your tastebuds to life. Local fruit infused wines

ACR Wines is a small company specializing in creating local fruit infused wines. Our wines are created using a combination of two or more fruits, thus providing a range of tastes for different palettes. Ranging from subtle sweetness to decidedly rich sweet flavors, they make the perfect dessert wine.

Telephone #: (758) 713 0908
Year Established: 2018
Category / Sector: Food & Beverage
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Where to Find: Catherine Neptial's Tranquil Creations shop

Sustainability. Encouraging zero waste

Inspired by our zeal to drastically curb fruit wastage, the creation of our wines stem from seasonal fruits grown in our very own backyard as well as fruits sourced from local farmers.


Fresh, fruity and vivacious

We take pride in delivering lively wines that reflect authentic St. Lucian fruit flavors. From the humble cashew fruit to cherry and banana and guava and pineapple combinations, to the highly touted pomegranate and passion fruit blend, our collection offers an assortment of unique wines, certain to meet and satisfy diverse taste buds.


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