Black & Daring

Your hair is

Black and Daring create products that are suitable for natural kinky hair. With our products, people r no longer have to feel the burden of taking care of their hair. We will make your carry your hair like a crown.

Address: St. Louis Street, Castries
Telephone #: (758) 486-0931 / (758) 720-9441
Year Established: 2017
Category / Sector: Health and Beauty Products
Products / Services: All natural hair products made from local plants, herbs and oils (hair oil, hair moisturizer, shampoo, deep conditioner)
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Creativity, Self-Expression, Individuality!

Hair is a statement of all these and more. Our black, kinky hair is so versatile, impactful, and expressive! It reveals our magnificence, beauty, and royalty! Black and Daring products are made to embrace your hair and unleash your creativity when making your hairstyles.


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