Natural. To Match Your Natural Skin.

Choiselle is an artisanal, high quality, all-natural skincare and wellness line that is inspired by the botanicals and the healing traditions of the St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

Address: P.O. Box 1460, Castries
Telephone #: 917-464-5296
Year Established: 2005
Category / Sector: Health and Beauty Products
Products / Services: All natural skincare and chandles such as coconut wax candles, bath & body oils and face serum
Where to Find: Duty Free Shoppers, Baywalk Mall, Gros Islet, Rodney Bay

Inspired by Nature

Choiselle is inspired by my childhood spent on the island of St. Lucia, where life and nature are still authentic, natural. Where the women in my family knew how to use the roots, seeds, bark and flowers of the plant and trees around them to provide nourishment for the body. We’ve grown from a small studio apartment in New York City, to a creative studio and production office in St. Lucia.


No Shortcuts. Simply Authentic Quality.

Stemming from the healing traditions of St. Lucia and the caribbean, we create skincare and wellness products that eliminate the need for harmful chemicals that are incompatible with our bodies. At the heart of each formula is a bounty of vitamin and nutrient rich botanicals, oils and plant butters with intensive reparative, protective and restorative capabilities.

Transcendent & Transparent.

We believe in creating truly natural skincare products made with high quality unadulterated, certified organic ingredients whenever possible. We don’t cut corners. We believe in complete transparency about what we put into our products.


Invite A Slice Nature Into Your Home