Frances’ Rub

Traditional Pain & Flu Relief

Frances’ Rub is a unique blend of multiple herbs and oils that provide momentary relief from various aches, pains and flu.

Telephone #: (758) 713-4162 / (758) 489-3421
Year Established: 2010
Category / Sector: Health and Beauty Products
Products / Services: Medicinal rub with massage service
Where to Find: Massy Supermarkets
Vendor's Arcade, Booth 27B, Castries, St. Lucia

The Strength is in the Roots

The beginning of Frances’ Rub is going back to 2010. In times when doctors failed to help her family, Ms. Frances Severin remembered old, traditional treatment of rubbing that her mother and grandmother used to help children with flu, cold and pain. It worked then and it worked again. Since then, Frances’ Rub became now only a family medicine but a medicine to all in pain.


For all aches and pains!

Traditional medicine combined with a certified masseuse skills of Mrs. Francis Severin will give you a momentary relief from many ailments. Each client is treated with an individual approach therefore, their condition is thoroughly assessed and then, with the use of our powerful rub will surely make changes in many conditions just us: muscle strain, joint pain, menstrual pain and many others

Family Recipe for Everybody

As our business grew, we realised that the market does not offer a perfect rubbing ointment of the level we needed. And the solution was easy - we made our own, Frances’ Rub that consists of 59 natural ingredients some of which are locally sourced, such as coconut oil, castor oil, red lavender oil,nutmeg and many others.


If it Hurts - Rub it !