Health Nutz

Fuel your lifestyle the Health Nutz Way

We produce healthy and dairy-free products that cater not only to the needs of those who cannot consume milk and its by-products but also to those who have made a deliberate choice to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

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Category / Sector: Food & Beverage
Products / Services: Food Production
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Quality is what we make

Our business was originated out of a lack of variety and diversity of dairy-free products on the Saint Lucia market. At first, we only produced coconut milk for our own needs and then we realized that providing high-quality coconut milk and coconut products could become a perfect avenue for success!


Well Rounded Nutz

What’s unique about Health Nutz is the fact that we use one product to make a variety of items. You can now also enjoy our dairy-free and egg-free pastry.

Health with a Tropical Breeze

All-natural Coconut Milk - Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, builds muscle, and helps reduce fat. It is rich in electrolytes and can prevent fatigue.
Coconut Flour - is gluten-free, rich in fiber, and promotes stable blood sugar


Make Health Nutz part of your Life!