Illuminating Designs

Copper Jewelry! Therapy with a lovely twist.

At Illuminating Designs we create stylish, self-inspired, one of a kind handmade copper jewelry.

Address: Beausejour, Gros Islet
Telephone #: (758) 715-2855
Year Established: 2008
Category / Sector: Arts & Craft
Products / Services: Variety of Jewelry Designs - Copper, T-Shirt, Spoon Jewelry
Where to Find: Beausejour, Gros Islet
The Black Amigo, Baywalk Mall, Gros Islet

Success comes to those who try

The desire to work by myself and be able to bring my ideas to life was something that I came back to over and over. One day I finally decided to give myself chance and created the first piece of jewelry. After the first one came the second and soon enough I was creating copper jewelry on a large scale and the demand for my jewelry was continuously growing.


Led by the inspiration

The process of creating jewelry is simultaneously simple and complicated. When I start working on new pieces I never know how it will end. Each piece is a new adventure, and I enjoy discovering the outcome. I allow my inspiration to lead me and in the end, I always have a unique piece of jewelry waiting for its customer.

An Illuminating Experience.

The decision to use copper as the main component of my jewelry was based on its therapeutic properties. While wearing an Illuminating Designs piece, you will stand out and always attract attention while the copper helps and heals you.


Illuminate your Experience with us