Jacq-Co Valley Products Ltd

Business driven by social mission

Jacq-Co Valley Products Ltd is a unique business that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also provides employment for the women of the Fond St. Jacques community it prevents crop wastage and adds value to farmers’ produce; giving them an income they may not have otherwise gotten, while at the same time promoting good agricultural practices which results in better water supply.

Telephone #: (758) 721-4143
Year Established: 2016
Category / Sector: Food & Beverage
Products / Services: Fruit Popsicles and products made of locally grown organic produce
Website: http://www.jacqcovalleyproducts.com
Where to Find: Fond St Jacques Agro Processing Center

Unconventional approach to Agro-produce

Jacq-Co Valley Products is a women-owned agro-processing business in the community of Fond St. Jacques. We knew that we could help solve the following social problems in our community while also gaining an income for ourselves. The idea of the fruit popsicle business was given birth since some fruits aren’t accepted by the supermarkets due to their less marketable looks, and we decided to use them and thereby helping to add value to the farmers' crop and provide them with more income.


100% natural ingredients

We produce twenty-eight flavors, tasty and high quality 100 % all natural fruit popsicles using only locally grown fruits with no artificial additives; Dried herbs and spices seasoning; Blended green seasoning from locally grown herbs with only natural preservatives; Banana flour and Macabo flour. If we continue to be as motivated and hard-working as we are now. We see ourselves on major supermarket shelves, not only in St Lucia but internationally.

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