Martelly’s Ocean Gardens

Thirty years of experience for your benefit

Martelly’s Ocean Gardens officially became operational under that brand in 2021.Sea moss farming has been the pride and joy of our family, both immediate and extended, for nearly thirty years. We hope that one day Martelly’s Ocean Gardens will become a legacy for generations to come.

Telephone #: (758) 720-4654 / (758) 723-5028
Year Established: 2021
Category / Sector: Food & Beverage
Products / Services: Sea Moss Producs
Where to Find: Massy Stores
Suzie’s Variety
Glace Supermarket
Allain’s Supermarket

Widen the horizon of seamoss use

Sea moss is not a new item, yet many people seem to believe that there are a limited number of ways to use sea moss. Our aim is to expose people to the many convenient and delectable products that can come from sea moss and the many health benefits that they can obtain from this product.


With customer satisfaction in mind

Our business is a cut above the rest because we take pride in all the products that we produce. Each item is carefully prepared with customer satisfaction in mind as we take the time to listen to our customer’s needs and preferences and act on them. Our customers are our number one priority and we allow that to be our driving force in whatever we do.