Ms. St. Rose Creole Delights

Jams and Jellies that remind you of home

We make jams and jellies using the traditional methods used by our grandparents.

Address: Bocage, Castries
Telephone #: (758) 485-6802 / (758) 287-9251
Year Established: 2008
Category / Sector: Food & Beverage
Products / Services: Jams, cakes, juice, guava cheese, fudge, tamarind balls, jellies
Where to Find: Massy Supermarkets

A Small Kitchen comes a long way!

Our business was first established by Mrs. Ethelina Lansiquot in a small kitchen with very limited space. It developed annually and we were eventually able to have a newly built independent structure in 2014. Our production has been approved and continues to be approved by the Government of Saint Lucia.


Don't follow. Make your own way

Although most agro-processors have chosen the route of mass production, we prefer to find efficiencies with our low-tech process. Instead, we seek green and sustainable methodologies in our production, making use of appropriate equipment and technology. Ms. St. Rose Creole Delight encourages the mastering of the artisan craft. Considering the largest cost of production is skilled labor, our edge will come from a devotion to improving skills and maintaining quality.

Simply jam-in

Ms. St. Rose Creole Delight jams and jellies are full of flavor, and is reminiscent of the traditional St. Lucian Creole home made jams and jellies.


We bring childhood memories back