Poetry Kisses

Jewellery should speak to you like kisses of poetry.

We specialise in chic, distinctive, bold pieces of wearable art, unlike any other found locally. We make jewellery for the daring individual who longs to express themselves, creating each piece by hand using mostly locally sourced materials.

Telephone #: (758) 715-2628
Year Established:
Category / Sector: Arts & Craft
Products / Services: Handmade wearable art which includes jewellery, accessories, etc using local and natural materials like shells, seeds, sea glass, etc.
Website: https://poetrykisses.com/
Where to Find: Rissy Kouture- House of Caribbean Fashion-(Reduit, G.I) Memwa De Sent Lisi- (Harbour Club, G.I)

From desire to art

My business began with a desire to create the things I loved and sought after, in the quest to find and express myself. It started with me reusing old material and making something beautiful, new, and different. It has grown to a point where I now use found objects, like shells and stones, recycled material, and items of all kinds, to make the art I want to.


A spark of inspiration

We are unique because we create art. Simply put, no two pieces are alike. Each has its own story and conception. It is not mass-produced and cookie-cutter. Unapologetic, subjective, bold, and not for mass consumption. The production process usually begins with a spark of inspiration that manifests into a sound piece of jewelry quickly.

Let us make you Happy

We specialize predominantly in statement jewelry, wearable art in their own right, and every bit as bold and daring, yet as chic and exquisite as the persons who choose to own them. Every one of these items expresses in some way a person's artistic nature and their desire to be surrounded by beauty and art. We thrive on making our customers happy.


Make our jewelry your statement