Sak Sa

Something St.Lucian

Sak Sa specializes in providing unique and exciting St. Lucian products and merchandise.

Address: Cap Estate, Gros Islet
Telephone #: (758) 715-0002
Year Established:
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Products / Services: Creole Colouring and Activity Books to teach children Creole.
Where to Find: M&C Drug Store
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My first, my inspiration

After my first daughter was able to learn a creole phrase with great ease, I was inspired to create something to teach her and other children more of our Creole Language. As time passed, I drew inspiration for other products from opportunities I observed in situations where I was unable to find a product I wanted.


Educational & fun

Discover the Vibrant World of St. Lucian Culture with Sak Sa's Creole Coloring and Activity Books. Designed to teach children the beautiful Creole language, these books are not only educational but also a fun way to explore the local culture. Let your little ones unleash their creativity while learning the language of the island.

Variety & quality

We are also gearing up to launch our line of Coffee Seamoss Beverages, including Black Coffee Seamoss, Seamoss Cappuccino, and Seamoss Mochachino. Made with the finest ingredients, our beverages will prove a true delight for coffee lovers and health enthusiasts alike. In addition, we are excited to bring you Saint Lucian jibbitz.


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