Shirley’s Creations

Caribbean Angels

At Shirley’s Creations we make unique, creative handmade decorations that fit in any design and occasion.

Telephone #: (758) 452-4155
Year Established:
Category / Sector: Arts & Craft
Products / Services: Christmas Decorations and Souvenirs
Where to Find: Hewanorra International Airport
Harbor Club Hotel
Sea Island Cotton Shop

New Day - New Angel

It has always been a passion to create unique decorative pieces that would give a touch of individuality to the house. When I realized that people acknowledge my work and that the demand grew I started producing the angels on a larger scale. Every day presents a different idea for an angel.


Beauty is in the hands of creator

My products range from the most intricate of handcrafted Christmas trees to colorful floral arrangements, papercraft, fish scale dolls, tye-dye, hand-painted on canvas, and wood and magnets. All the items are unique and one of a kind. The latest products are agro-processed items.

Your Angel is waiting for you

Christmas angels are decorations that combine both warmth and coziness of Christmas and the energy of the Caribbean! When you see them, you will know which one is yours. Why? Because just like each person is different and unique, so are Shirley's Angels. Every single Angel is done in its unique style and never repeats another.


Get a token designed with a touch of Love